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Excavator Mounted Hammer MS3 - MS6 

hire-request.jpgExcavator mounted vibrators are designed to drive sheet piles up to 7m long. They are in fitted in place of the excavator bucket and are plumbed into the bucket ram circuit .This allows for rapid and accurate pile positioning and insertion/extraction.

Their high frequencies ensure a high power to weight ratio, while their effective piling and extraction force is increased by the excavator's weight and power transmitted through the dipper arm. 

Trench Control have the following excavator mounted variable vibrator hammers for hire: 

 - Dawson 300
 - Muller MS-3 HFB
 - Muller MS-4 HFB
 - Muller MS-6 HFB 

These hammers can be modified to allow for foot operated control through the rock breaker circuit which enables a hammer/bucket change over in 5 minutes. This rapid change over time has significant advantages where a frequent drive & excavate sequence is used by the contractor.

What you can expect from a High Class Performance Vibrator:-

  • It adapts exactly to the capacity of your excavator
  • Its oscillation characteristics enable fast operation progress in workable soil
  • Numbers features ensure a high safety level during operation
  • Emission of noise and vibration is low and environmentally beneficial
  • Small height enables you to drive 6m long piles
  • Slim waist makes application close to existing construction feasible

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